Oregon is beautiful, like extremely beautiful. I mean jaw dropping, eyes bulging kind of beautiful. There is so much greenery everywhere and can I mention breathtaking views? This morning, Megan,  (my sister and best friend) and I decided to take a hike about 30 minutes from where we were staying. As we climbed the never-ending steps, I could only think, “Gosh, I hope the view is worth it. My body is aching!” As we were getting closer and closer to our destination, I could see people in the distance just staring in awe at the waterfall. As I looked to my left, I could see what they were staring at. This majestic, ever-flowing, pure form of majesty. I had to force myself to continue walking so that I could reach the destination as well. All I wanted to do was stare. As Megan and I walked closer to the waterfall, we were in awe too. The sound of the never-ending waterfall was music to my ears. It was breathtaking and soothing. Chris Tomlin’s song, “Your love is like a waterfall” is ever so true. God’s love never ends. It continues to flow. Nothing can ever stop it. No matter what I may do or say cannot stop God from loving me. I’ve messed up over and over again, and yet He continues to remind me, “Marissa, NOTHING you could ever do or say would ever make me stop loving you. I’ve already paid the price for you. You are my prized possession. I love you so much.” You see, I’ve looked for love in the wrong places. I’ve looked for love from things that could never satisfy. My friends have reminded over and over again to allow God to fill that void in my life. It’s taken me awhile to listen to them, but when I finally did, it was so freeing. God’s love never goes to waste, so when I’ve caught myself turning to other things/people instead of God, I’ve immediately changed my thought process and have turned to God and have reminded myself of His love for me; a love that will never run dry, a love that will always satisfy, and a love that flows through me so that I can freely give it to others.

How have you allowed God to fill your life with His love? If you haven’t, what is stopping you? Go on, give it a try! You will see how rewarding it is.

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  1. One of my favorite contemporary songs several years ago was “Satisfied”. Then, I discovered that it was a hymn written in the late 1800s! I was reminded that all through time . . . even in the 1800s . . . people had to find their source of meaning and contentment in Christ. It is a lifelong journey to be satisfied in Christ!

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